MS Excel - 1hr Online Training


MS Excel - 1hr Online Training



  • 1 hour of personalised online training delivered by a Microsoft Office Master trainer.
  • Free course materials/handouts
  • Post-course support for up to 60 days

Our Online Training is completely customised to suit your specific needs. After your current skill level has been assessed, the content of the training will be specfically tailored to suit you. Here are some possible topics:

  • Using the File and other Ribbon tabs / Navigating the Excel Screen
  • Entering data into a spreadsheet
  • Inserting and managing sheet tabs
  • Creating a basic Formula (e.g. plus, minus, percentage)
  • Using the SUM Function to total columns or rows
  • Using other basic functions (e.g. AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN)
  • Making a cell absolute / lock for formula use
  • Formatting (changing the appearance of) fonts and cells
  • Formatting Numbers (e.g. changing the style of dates and decimals)
  • Inserting, deleting and managing columns and rows
  • Copying, Pasting and Using the Format Painter
  • Adjusting worksheet views (e.g. Freezing Panes, Arranging Windows)
  • Adjusting a spreadsheet for print (e.g. fitting to a page, printing with headings on each page)
  • Applying and modifying Cell Styles and Themes
  • Inserting Screenshots
  • Graphics - Using Pictures, Shapes and SmartArt
  • Charts and Sparkline’s – inserting, modifying, printing
  • Sorting and Filtering a database of information (Including Custom Sort Orders and Sort/Filter by Colour)
  • Ready-Made Formatted Tables - Inserting, modifying, sorting and filtering
  • Adding Subtotals to a database or at the bottom of filtered data
  • Calculating across multiple worksheets
  • Range Names – creating, modifying, applying, using in formulas
  • Functions – using statistical, logical, and lookup and functions
  • Formula Auditing – auditing tools, error fixing
  • Using Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot Tables – generating, modifying, formatting
  • Pivot Tables extended  – getting the most out of your Pivot Table, Pivot Charts, Slicers
  • Protecting a spreadsheet or certain cells within a spreadsheet
  • Using Data Validation to control spreadsheet input
  • WhatIF Analysis and Goal Seek
  • Introduction to Macros and Assigning Macros to Buttons


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The Fine Print: Training is valid up to 6 months after the purchase date. Training may be cancelled/rescheduled without charge if 4 hours’ notice is given. If a training session is cancelled/rescheduled more than twice within a 1 month period, the training credit is forfeited.