STEP 1: Purchase training credits

  • Go to the 'Purchase and Book' page and select the appropriate MS Office program. Follow the prompts to book and pay for your training credits.
    (1 x $50 credit = 1 hour of training. A Paypal surcharge is also applicable for online payments. Credits are valid for a 6 month period.)

STEP 2: Schedule a lesson

  • Go to the 'Schedule a lesson' page to choose an available timeslot.
    (Some weekend and evening time slots are also available. You are able to schedule your training sessions as regularly as you like. Most students prefer to have an hour session each week and then practice the exercises/tasks between sessions.)
  • Follow the prompts to book. You will receive an email with the booking details and a link for your online session.


  • Run a Test Meeting. - This will allow you to download the software and test your internet connection / webcam prior to the session. (Once you are in the test session you can click the arrow next to the microphone/video icon to test the settings.)
  • Select the program you will be learning: Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Word - Microsoft PowerPoint.
    This will download a Skills Assessment for that particular program. Once the spreadsheet has downloaded complete it by marking any topics you already know with a 'Y' and any that you are yet to learn with an 'N'. Save the changes.
  • Email your completed Skills Assessment to: within plenty of time before your session. (This allows us to find gaps in your knowledge and cater the training to your current level.)


At the scheduled time click this link to join the session: