Pre-Recorded Training

Customised Pre-Recorded Training on The Calszone Blog

Two more of my customised pre-recorded training sessions have been featured on the Calszone Microsoft Dynamics GP blog.

Please click the below links to view some very helpful tips about Conditional Formatting, PivotTables and Slicers in Microsoft Excel.

Free Video Tutorial: Create and Arrange a Pivot Table

Remember I told you that I would now be offering a pre-recorded training service? well it's underway! I am very pleased to share with you one of my first customised pre-recorded training sessions that I put together for the Calzone blog. The tips demonstrated in this tutorial can also be applied to your spreadsheet data. Click the link below to view the short and informative video:

This is just a taste of my pre-recorded training. I can customise and adapt these pre-recorded training sessions to your specific needs. Just think of the possibilities. There might be a number of people in your company that use the same spreadsheet - I can create an informative video (using your spreadsheet) showing useful tips that will save everyone a lot of time. This is no doubt a very affordable and convenient way to up-skill your staff.

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