Save time in Windows 7 with Aero Snap

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the fabulous Aero Flip 3D feature that allowed us to scroll quickly through our open windows in Windows 7. Now I want to show you how to use the Aero Snap feature.

This feature is extremely handy because it allows you to quickly position two windows on-screen at once. Instead of having to manually adjust and position each window Aero Snap quickly places that window into half the screen size. You can be on two different websites:


Or work in Microsoft Word and Excel at the same time:


You can do this with any two windows and it is very simple. First make sure you have an Aero Theme Applied: right-click on your desktop - select Personalize - then choose an Aero Theme from the gallery.

Click on the top of your window and drag as far as you can to the right or the left of the screen. When you let go the window will automatically snap to that side of the screen.


Hope this saves you a bit of time and hassle.

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