5 Reasons to get Savvy with Savvy Training

IMPRESS YOUR BOSS - Work faster and more effectively.. we know how much your boss loves that.

IMPRESS YOUR COLLEAGUES - Woo your colleagues with your sweet shortcuts and tantalising tips.

GET A PROMOTION OR A BETTER ROLE - A skilful person instils confidence in others and is more likely to land that job or promotion.

SAVE TIME -  you know you're always doing things the long way.. I can help with that.

DO IT FOR YOU (This is my favourite reason) - Learning something new not only brings practical skills but a sense of fulfilment and confidence. It is an investment not only for your professional development but also for your PERSONAL development.

IT'S FUN - My training is fully interactive so the time will fly!


How to: Insert a Screen Clipping into an Outlook email message

Please stop using that Print Screen button on your keyboard.. there’s a much better way to do it:

1.      Open a new blank email message

2.      Open the screen that you want to screenshot

3.      Return directly to your email message and click inside the body

4.      Click Insert – Screenshot – Screen Clipping (it will take you back to the last window you had open.)

5.      Once the screen turns grey click and drag over the area you want to screenshot

6.      The portion of screen that you selected will be inserted into your email messag

Please note: This feature is available right across Microsoft Office. 


What are you missing? Save Time with my Excel Tips & Tricks

Many people think they know how to use Microsoft Office, but they miss so many of the features that make these programs so useful. Take Excel for example, did you know that:

1 button will create an instant chart?
2 clicks will automatically sum up a table of data?
3 minutes is enough time to run a PivotTable report for every month of the year

STOP wasting your time. Learn how to use your tools properly. Why not book just 1 hour of tips and tricks training to try it for yourself? I can deliver it online at a time convenient to you and if you're not satisfied I will give you your money back.

There's no need to hesitate.. let me address your concerns

Over the past few months I have been addressing your concerns one by one. Is this what’s holding you back?

Concern #1: You don’t quite understand how the training works and if it would be suitable for you or your company.
Solution#1: Book a free demonstration via Zoom. It will only take a couple of minutes and I’ll show you just how easy and interactive the training can be.

Concern#2: A tight company budget or lack of personal funding
Solution#2: You will be surprised how much I can fit in to just one or two hours of training. Gaining the right skills will actually save you time and money. Plus I provide discounts for new clients!

Concern#3: You don’t have enough time
Solution#3: I can deliver the training at practically any time and you can receive training from anywhere with internet access. Take the training in your lunch break, late at night or on the weekend. The training does not have to be taken all at once you can take it one hour at a time.

Concern#4: It will be boring
Solution#4: My training is fully interactive, I will teach you by walking you through a serious of practical activities. I will give you the desired knowledge without the nerdy lingo, and the skills without endless hours in a stale classroom.

Concern#5: The Training won’t be relevant to you or your role
Solution#5: Unlike most training offerings out there Savvy Training is completely tailored to your needs. You are able to choose which topics you want/need to learn - so you only learn what is relevant to you. 

I hope this puts your mind at ease. If you have any other concerns that you would like addressed please feel free to let me know. 

Letitia Widmann – Trainer and Business Owner


Free Video Tutorial: Create and Arrange a Pivot Table

Remember I told you that I would now be offering a pre-recorded training service? well it's underway! I am very pleased to share with you one of my first customised pre-recorded training sessions that I put together for the Calzone blog. The tips demonstrated in this tutorial can also be applied to your spreadsheet data. Click the link below to view the short and informative video:


This is just a taste of my pre-recorded training. I can customise and adapt these pre-recorded training sessions to your specific needs. Just think of the possibilities. There might be a number of people in your company that use the same spreadsheet - I can create an informative video (using your spreadsheet) showing useful tips that will save everyone a lot of time. This is no doubt a very affordable and convenient way to up-skill your staff.

Email me for more information: savvytraining@live.com.au

NEW RELEASE: Pre-recorded Training coming your way with 'Savvy Flicks'

Wanna see a movie? A short, informative and practical movie?

I’m not gonna lie I was hesitant about pre-recorded training, e-learning, web tutorials etc. I’ve had countless people recommend I send my training in this direction but I’ve had my doubts.  You see I love the one-on-one interaction that my Skype training gives me. It allows me to customise the training to the individual and to cater the training to their style of learning. Which is why I will always continue to provide that as an option for my clients.

I do also now understand that pre-recorded training can have its place. It can be helpful for corporate organisations to upskill their staff in one particular area or for the busy individual that wants something to keep on hand that they can revisit as they need.

That is why I have decided to release… (drum roll please) Savvy Flicks. They will be short, informative pre-recorded tutorials. You will be able to purchase them for unlimited future use. You might thinking.. why would I spend the money on one of these when I can just You Tube a training video? I’ll tell you why…QUALITY. These videos are carefully put together by an experienced Microsoft Office master trainer. They will be clear and easy to follow. You won’t have to watch hundreds of hours of mess to learn how to do something new.

I will be releasing my packaged tutorials for you to purchase shortly so keep your eyes open. As well as that I have already began and will continue to be creating Customised Savvy Flicks these will also be short tutorials however they are created especially for your companies needs. They will be personalised demonstrations of how to use particular company spreadsheets or documents. You can keep them on hand to train future staff too.

I think that is enough excitement for one day. If you have any questions at all about my exciting new releases please contact me at: savvytraining@live.com.au

"Here’s lookin at you kid."


I cater my Microsoft Office training to your style of learning

Most people have dark memories of school. Okay so the school system is changing; but in times past it has leaned toward a certain type of learner. You know, the sort of person with a decent sized attention span that can learn quickly from a book or easily memorise before a test. The hands on learners weren’t so fortunate. Maybe you left school feeling good about your skills in dance or woodwork but decided that you weren’t the academic type.

Let’s face it; we all have strengths and we all have weaknesses, but we can be taught almost anything, given that the teacher/trainer adapts to individual styles of learning. When you have a classroom full of students this is a little trickier to do. Which is why I love one-on-one training so much.

Let me explain the reason for all this babble. I can teach you. Yes, you, the one that was kicked out of the classroom for talking or spent most of the day doodling in your notebook. First I will find out how you learn best then I will adapt the training to your needs.

The pre-learning test is offered free of charge and is taken from the book produced by the People Maintenance team. They have over 30 years of combined training experience. You can check out their book here: http://peoplemaintenance.com/training_books.htm

It has lots of excellent information about learning styles, personality types, team building, management and pretty much all things people.

If you would like more information about our courses or the above pre-course test then please send me an email: savvytraining@live.com.au


The end is near.. the end of the Australian financial year that is. This is a good enough excuse for a discount.. bonanza if you will.

Starting now and ending 30 June you can have 3 hours of personalised Microsoft Office training via Skype for only $75! This is 50% off. You can choose any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint topics and learn them at your own pace. You will also receive free handouts for the topics you learn and 30 days post course support where you can email me with any questions.

Sounds like it's time for you to upgrade your skills the convenient and affordable way. I also do gift vouchers so if you know of someone that could do with some training why not buy them some skills?

For more information email me at: savvytraining@live.com.au

Have a happy day!