Live in rural Australia? Enjoy discounted online training during April

It recently occurred to me that most of my clients are living in major Australian cities, but who is this training particularly useful for? It's you!! Those of you that are living outside the major cities - in the country / the sticks / outback / off the beaten track. You may not have access to all of the corporate training that those in the cities do, but you do have the internet and that is all you need to get Savvy.

During the month of April I am offering anyone living outside a major city 25% off their first 2 hours of training. This means you can have 2 hours of personalised Microsoft Office training for only $75. Learn more about Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook. Take the training at a time and place convenient to you and learn your own pace. Contact me for your free demonstration via Skype or Zoom:

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