What are you missing? Save Time with my Excel Tips & Tricks

Many people think they know how to use Microsoft Office, but they miss so many of the features that make these programs so useful. Take Excel for example, did you know that:

1 button will create an instant chart?
2 clicks will automatically sum up a table of data?
3 minutes is enough time to run a PivotTable report for every month of the year

STOP wasting your time. Learn how to use your tools properly. Why not book just 1 hour of tips and tricks training to try it for yourself? I can deliver it online at a time convenient to you and if you're not satisfied I will give you your money back.

Do you dream of working in your pyjamas? It’s time to become a Virtual Assistant!

Ahh working from home, it’s an intriguing thought – not wasting time in traffic each day, having flexibility in your schedule, being able to spend more time with your family and yes of course.. working in your pyjamas. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? 

YES! For over two years now I have been running my own business training Microsoft Office from home. This has allowed me to spend more time with my husband and do the things I love and care about, I’ve even been able to live abroad. They are the big pluses but there are lots of little things, like hanging out the washing between clients or making yourself a delicious lunch or coffee in your own kitchen.

Anyway here is my point, at the moment there is a high demand for Virtual Assistants and Receptionists. The VA Industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The main reason for this is because women have taken work life balance seriously and created a solution that lets them fit in with all their other commitments.

Whether you are a Mother, Carer, Baby-Boomer or suffer from a chronic illness, becoming a virtual assistant allows you to work around the things that make going out to work difficult. Location isn't an issue either because your clients can be located anywhere as your services are provided online. Communication with your clients happens through sms, email, Skype, phone or Video conference. (See below idea for your new office space)

You don't need to have the stress of juggling early morning routines with school or day-care runs then battling commutes and being stuck in an office from 9-5pm, You can work from home offering your services to a couple of clients and work the hours that suit you. If you have a background in Administration then this is ideal for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get your skills sorted – To be a Virtual Assistant you must be computer Savvy. I can help you with that, I deliver personalised online Microsoft Office Training courses that are both affordable and flexible. Send me an email if you’d like more information: savvytraining@live.com.au

  2. Register with a VA temping company. I have been watching the folks at 121temps for a while now and I feel confident in recommending them. They are constantly looking for virtual receptionists, apply online here: http://www.121temps.info/amember/signup/calloperators They also provide resources and support along the way. Visit their website: www.121temps.com

If you want more information, I spoke to a friend of mine, Liz Parker who is the CEO of 121 Temps and she would be happy to give you a free consultation so that you can decide if this would suit you. Liz has been helping virtual assistants set up and run their own successful virtual business for over 9 years now so she knows everything you need to know to get started.  Online scheduler - https://www.vcita.com/v/liz.parker

This could be your new office. Get a job that you can do from anywhere in the world

This could be your new office. Get a job that you can do from anywhere in the world

Concern#3: You don’t have enough time for training

Solution#3: Take the training in your lunch break, late at night or on the weekend. I can deliver the training at a wide variety of times and you can receive training from anywhere with internet access.  The training does not have to be taken all at once, you can take it one hour at a time.

Presenting: The Savvy Training Money Back Guarantee

I’ve been running my own business for two years now. I’ve always believed in my product but after two years of successful online training sessions and numerous happy clients (both private and corporate) I have even more confidence.

That is why I have decided to offer a money back guarantee for all courses beginning in March 2015. If you take training and are not happy with what you have learnt I will issue a full refund.

Calling all Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Secretaries...

We know you’re the ‘go to’ person in the office - the one everyone asks. You’re the one that juggles hundreds of different tasks in a day. You are in fact the back bone of the office.

That is why during February and March I am offering 50% off my Microsoft Office online training for all Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Secretaries. I will give you 2 hours of personalised online training in the Microsoft program of your choice for only $50.

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn and how much time it will save you in future.

Contact me for more information.

"I can honestly say it is the best $50 I have spent in a long time" - Savvy Write Up

I am delighted to have a raving review featured on the Collaboration Works Marketing website, read below or click here: http://www.cwmktg.com/blog/2014/what-i-learned-about-microsoft-outlook-in-one-hour

"I have used Microsoft Outlook every day for years. Okay, let’s be honest, decades. I set up folders and rules, delay delivery and do other fancy stuff. I would go as far as to call myself an Outlook power user.

But recently I had one specific calendar issue I just could not figure out so l decided to invest in one hour of professional Outlook training from Savvy Training. I had done Excel training with Letitia in the past and was very impressed with what I learned, but I was not surprised since I knew there was a lot about Excel that I was missing.

I honestly wondered if she could fill one hour with things I did not already know in Outlook. But the hour sped by and I still think there are more functions I can look into on my own.

My favorite Outlook tips were related to:

·         Using QuickParts

·         Adding screenshots without using copy/paste

·         Overlaying calendars

·         Sending sent email to a “follow up” folder.

·         Setting up advanced categories

All the training is done online via Skype, so I was using my own computer, sharing my screen and clicking around in my own live Outlook data during the training. And yes, I did get an answer to that stubborn calendaring issue.

I was amazed at how much I learned about Outlook in just one hour.  I can honestly say it is the best $50 I have spent in a long time and I am already planning to schedule training for Microsoft Word.

I think most of us get used to the programs we use every day and we don’t even consider getting training. But one hour of training can save you one hundred hours in productivity over time.

I would highly recommend that everyone schedule some Microsoft Office training with:

Letitia Widmann
Savvy Training
Email: savvytraining@live.com.au
Website: www.savvytrainingaustralia.com

Nope, I don’t get a commission. I just like to promote good services from good people."

By Anya Ciecierski, Collaboration Works Marketing

Free Video Tutorial: Create and Arrange a Pivot Table

Remember I told you that I would now be offering a pre-recorded training service? well it's underway! I am very pleased to share with you one of my first customised pre-recorded training sessions that I put together for the Calzone blog. The tips demonstrated in this tutorial can also be applied to your spreadsheet data. Click the link below to view the short and informative video:


This is just a taste of my pre-recorded training. I can customise and adapt these pre-recorded training sessions to your specific needs. Just think of the possibilities. There might be a number of people in your company that use the same spreadsheet - I can create an informative video (using your spreadsheet) showing useful tips that will save everyone a lot of time. This is no doubt a very affordable and convenient way to up-skill your staff.

Email me for more information: savvytraining@live.com.au

My Microsoft Skills Assessments can save you time and money!

Are your staff really competent in using Microsoft Office?

You could have the most enthusiastic, hardworking and intelligent employee but if they don't know how to properly utilise their tools then they could be wasting your time and money.

I've seen it time and time again.. many people think they have sufficient skills in Excel, Word or PowerPoint but they are missing out on some vital steps and therefore wasting a lot of time.

That is why I have developed my own Skills Assessment tools.  Why not ask your staff to complete the brief questionnaire? They are free of charge (and obligation) and they only take a moment to fill out. This will enable you to find any gaps learning. 

If you choose to fill in those gaps it may only be a matter of a couple of hours personalised training via Skype. Contact me and I will provide you with a free Skills Assessment for Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.