TOP 6 biggest blunders - Results from my Microsoft Office Master Quiz

Thank you to all those that took part in my Microsoft Office Master Quiz!

Your submissions came from all over the world! It seems that no matter whether you live in the UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia or India you are interested in being a master of Microsoft Office.

The TOP 6 wrongly answered questions revealed the topics that most of you need to improve in:

1)      Microsoft Excel PivotTables

2)      Microsoft PowerPoint Custom Slide Shows

3)      Microsoft PowerPoint Rehearsed Timings

4)      Microsoft Excel Sparkline’s

5)      Microsoft Office Screen Clipping

6)      Microsoft Office Smart Art

Due to the popularity of this quiz I have decided to leave it up on my website for the time being, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to test your skills then click here to check it out!

For the next month I am also offering a 25% Online Training Discount to anyone that completes the quiz.

Remember to keep on in “The never-ending task of self improvement.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.


How to: Insert a Screen Clipping into an Outlook email message

Please stop using that Print Screen button on your keyboard.. there’s a much better way to do it:

1.      Open a new blank email message

2.      Open the screen that you want to screenshot

3.      Return directly to your email message and click inside the body

4.      Click Insert – Screenshot – Screen Clipping (it will take you back to the last window you had open.)

5.      Once the screen turns grey click and drag over the area you want to screenshot

6.      The portion of screen that you selected will be inserted into your email messag

Please note: This feature is available right across Microsoft Office.