I’d rather be making macarons, but my Microsoft training can help you achieve your dreams.

Okay so I have a confession to make…It is not my lifelong dream to be a computer trainer. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my job and I am passionate about helping the people I train but in all honesty I would rather be choreographing sweet dance moves for Beyoncé or trying to construct the perfect macaron for a Parisian patisserie. My job however, enables me to have flexibility in my life, which in turn allows me to spend time on the things that really matter to me.

Do you have your DREAM job? Maybe not. Maybe your dream job doesn’t involve formatting a word document or creating a chart in Excel. But maybe your current job is helping you to achieve the other goals or dreams that you have in life. So why not be as good as you possibly can at your current job and save the frustrations that come from not having the skills you need to fulfil your role. Get Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint Savvy with Savvy Training. Contact me for a free demonstration of how the training works via Skype: savvytraining@live.com.au

Be honest with yourself... and give Microsoft Office training a chance!

I’ve seen you.. I’ve seen you search every single tab trying to find the spell checker. I’ve seen that panicked look in your eyes when your boss asks you to fix that Excel formula and you spend the next 3 hours on google asking yourself “What does it all mean?”. Let’s face it most jobs you see out there demand that you are proficient in Microsoft Office. So are you proficient in Microsoft Office? I’m not asking if you can type a sentence, save and print. Synonyms for proficient are skilled, talented and capable. So are you skilled or talented in Microsoft Office? Can you navigate it with ease and achieve what you want quickly? Don’t waste yours and your boss’s time wondering and pondering over the seemingly unanswerable. Find answers.. fast. I think you will be surprised how much I can show you in one hour.