Best shortcut in Microsoft Excel - the secret is out!

I'm about to give away a secret... nerds all over the world are not going to be happy about me empowering the common folk with their secrets but here it goes.

Cells in Microsoft Excel naturally display the result of the formula instead of the formula itself. At times however you need to check your formulas, this means clicking on every single cell and looking at the formula bar. To view all formulas in your spreadsheet use the shortcut CTRL+` this will display all the formulas in the workbook at once. It is what nerds would call a toggle key - this means that you can keep clicking the shortcut to turn the view on and off.

(Notice in the picture the spreadsheet displays all of the formulas instead of the formula result. This is how it appears after using the CTRL+` shortcut.)

Formula View.JPG

This is not only useful for checking formulas but can also be handy if you would like to print your formulas. We've all seen it happen, a smarty pants in the office creates a spreadsheet with all these mysterious formulas, then they leave. The poor remaining office folk do not know how they appeared there and before long the formulas are lost forever. If you use the magical CTRL+` shortcut then print your spreadsheet you have record of the formulas that can be filed for future record.

It's about time everybody knew these tricks. So that's what I'm doing - empowering all of you with these simple tricks. They wont change your life but they will save you a load of time and embarrassment.

Adios for now, Letitia