NEW RELEASE: Pre-recorded Training coming your way with 'Savvy Flicks'

Wanna see a movie? A short, informative and practical movie?

I’m not gonna lie I was hesitant about pre-recorded training, e-learning, web tutorials etc. I’ve had countless people recommend I send my training in this direction but I’ve had my doubts.  You see I love the one-on-one interaction that my Skype training gives me. It allows me to customise the training to the individual and to cater the training to their style of learning. Which is why I will always continue to provide that as an option for my clients.

I do also now understand that pre-recorded training can have its place. It can be helpful for corporate organisations to upskill their staff in one particular area or for the busy individual that wants something to keep on hand that they can revisit as they need.

That is why I have decided to release… (drum roll please) Savvy Flicks. They will be short, informative pre-recorded tutorials. You will be able to purchase them for unlimited future use. You might thinking.. why would I spend the money on one of these when I can just You Tube a training video? I’ll tell you why…QUALITY. These videos are carefully put together by an experienced Microsoft Office master trainer. They will be clear and easy to follow. You won’t have to watch hundreds of hours of mess to learn how to do something new.

I will be releasing my packaged tutorials for you to purchase shortly so keep your eyes open. As well as that I have already began and will continue to be creating Customised Savvy Flicks these will also be short tutorials however they are created especially for your companies needs. They will be personalised demonstrations of how to use particular company spreadsheets or documents. You can keep them on hand to train future staff too.

I think that is enough excitement for one day. If you have any questions at all about my exciting new releases please contact me at:

"Here’s lookin at you kid."