Your mum needs my help.. Get her some Microsoft Office training!

Have you ever sat down at a computer with your mum (or dad) and tried to show them how to do something? How long were you patient for? I’m guessing that it took you less than 1 minute to take over the mouse and less than five to be completely frustrated with them.

Or were on the receiving end? Maybe a family member was the one teaching you. All you probably heard was “you just need to click on the blah blah, it’s right there, there click on it.” They probably sounded like they were speaking an entirely different language to you.

We love our family but there are just some things that don’t mix, computer training and relatives is one of them. Do yourselves a favour and leave this up to the experts. I can teach you about Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint via Skype without the ‘blah blah’ and frustration. It is a personal and relaxed way to improve your skills.

Plus for the next 30 days if you mention the promotional code ‘MUM’S THE WORD' you will receive 50% off your first two hours of training. Keep your skills sharp and your family happy with Savvy Training. For more information about this promotion or for a free demonstration of how the training works email:

Photo credit to Mike Licht   http ://   .  This photo has a creative commons attribute license

Photo credit to Mike Licht  This photo has a creative commons attribute license